Our last week in Costa Rica was packed full of visiting old and new friends and creating memories to last a lifetime.

No trip to the Southern Zone of Costa Rica is not complete without a visit to Zancudo Beach.  Zancudo is a beautiful small beach town situated on a sand spit with the Pacific Ocean on one side and a river on the other side.  During the day, you can go to the beach and not see another soul the whole time you are there; you can collect shells or sift through the amazing driftwood that has washed up on shore.  The one small problem with Zancudo and the reason we don’t stay there is that at sunset the mosquitos come out in full force and devour me.  

It takes a little over an hour to get to Zancudo from Golfito.  Some of the road is paved and the rest is a very dusty and bumpy road made out of rocks and compacted dirt.  The road used to be a lot worse, but grateful for the improvements that have been made, including a bridge over the Rio Coto.  Years ago, you used to have to take a primitive ferry across, I dug up some old pictures so you could see what the ferry used to look like.

Grateful for this bridge to cross the Rio Coto (river).

Although there is a bridge now, they still had the old sign listing the ferry.

Old ferry system to cross the river

We had a relaxing afternoon with friends in Zancudo where they made the most amazing lunch for us (langosta, langostino, and hearts of palm salad). After lunch, I strolled on the beach and then enjoyed sitting on their balcony and just melting into the hammock. It was such a peaceful day; I did not want to leave. Thanks Elieth and Sloan!

Pure heaven!

Sloan and Dave

Dave and Elieth

A perfect day all around.

Our friend Larry invited a group of us to his house/finca (farm) for a BBQ and to play horseshoes.  Larry’s finca is boat access only, so 18 expats crammed into a boat and headed over for a fun afternoon. He has the most amazing flowers, plants, and the cutest tiny pineapples. Lunch consisted of BBQ tuna (caught the day before), ribs and hot dogs.  I was most excited for the ribs as I had not had any in over a year, they are impossible to find in Baja.  

As the tide was going out, we all loaded back in the boat and waved goodbye.  We got caught in a huge rain storm and we were all soaked by the time we got back to the dock. Once we got back to the dock, Dave and I just stood in the rain, enjoying every drop that hit us. The locals looked at us like we were crazy tourists. What an amazing day.

Larry’s house

Yes, 18 of us crammed into that boat.

Lobster Claw

The cutest baby pineapple

These blue butterflies are amazing and always a treat to see.

It rains over 130 inches a year in Golfito.  We normally come during the “dry” season, but this year we came right before rainy season started, so we were able to enjoy a handful of rainstorms.  Sometimes it would rain so hard it would hit the tin roof so loudly you couldn’t hear what the person was saying that was sitting right next to you. I absolutely love the rain storms as we might get an inch only of rain in Baja. Later that night, we drove by some happy frogs as they were singing.  The first time I heard them I thought it was some kids playing an Atari video game…..listen and see if you hear an Atari video game.

Dave and I had an amazing time in Costa Rica and were sad to leave, but we know we will be back again soon.

Sunday morning Champs on our flight home.

Stay tuned for our next adventure that will take us on a road trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico……1,500 miles….

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