Now, almost three weeks after our trip I finally found the time to sit down behind my computer and write and share more pictures about our experiences in Costa Rica. 

Golfito has always felt like a second home, with views like this you can understand why.  Golfito is about one hour north of the Panamanian border and is breathtaking with the water and jungle views.  It is a small town that is not touristy at all.  We have always joked that it is a dirty-little-port-town, but this town has won our hearts over.

We stayed at Banana Bay Marina with a room right over the water.  Here was our view every morning while we enjoyed coffee, surfed the web and ate breakfast.  We joked that it was our “office”.

We spent most of our days relaxing, swimming, reading and exploring town. 

This is the spot where we went swimming the most.  The water was around 84* and pure heaven.  Since it is a bay, there were no waves and we could just relax, enjoy the water, look at the jungle and greenery on the hillsides, watch boats come in and out of the bay, hear howler monkeys in the distance and see (and hear) toucans and scarlett macaws.  

Soaking up some rays with a cold drink in my hand….life is good today.

We saw a bunch of these spotted rays, jumping all over the bay while in water taxis or while swimming.  

Messy hair, don’t care….opps, sorry Dave for the water spot over your face.  I am still trying to get the hang of my GoPro.

We prefer swimming in the ocean over swimming in chlorine pools, but we just had to go to this hotel pool and enjoy the jungle views while getting some sun.  We opted not to go into the pool as it was super busy with a lot of kids.

I love sunsets and every time I see one I think of this Dr. Suess quote,  “Because when you stop to and look around, this life is pretty amazing.”  No matter the stress or trials of the day, sunsets always make me appreciate life. Sunsets are also a great way to remember that the day is ending and that tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it.

Goodnight sun.  I spent several hours reading in this hammock.

It was really hot and humid in Golfito.  The temperature was in the mid to high 90’s.  After living in such a cold and windy place this past year, there was something refreshing about the heat and humidity and I welcomed it.  The best way to quench our thirst and to refresh our body was to drink pipa fría (cold coconut water).  We looked for a vendor everyday and were sad when we couldn’t find any during the Easter holiday.

The main road in town is paved with asphalt, but the other roads in town are dirt or rock.  We loved exploring and seeing all the beautiful greenery.  This was our views as we drove to our favorite swimming spot, all the greenery and jungle is so dreamy to me.

I have always had a fascination with big, old trees and find them hauntingly beautiful.  This particular tree is huge and imperfect and is being taken over by strangler figs (wrapping around the tree).  I wanted my picture taken with it and had to trudge through some “jungle” to get to it.  Right after this picture was taken a huge swarm of bugs came out of the tree, surrounded me and let me know they were not happy with my intrusion while they proceeded to bite me.  Dave said that it was huge black cloud surrounding me. 

Here is a picture from a few years ago, but look at the roots on that tree.

Cool fungus growing on the tree trunk.

We drove to Golfito, but you can also take a very small plane from San Jose to Golfito.  The “airport” consists of an open air structure and maybe 3 attendants.  The runway is very short and you land with the gorgeous views of the jungle.  We were allowed to walk along side of the runway and catch a plane right before it landed.

Everyday I was in awe of the beauty all around me. I could not get over how blue the sky was, how white and puffy the clouds were, how green the hillsides were and how inviting the water was.

Golfito has a naturally very deep port and is the last one before heading through the Panama Canal.  While in Golfito, we meet all sorts of people getting their boat prepared before heading through the Canal or right after they have gone through the Canal.  At the end of the season, a lot of luxury yachts and sportfisher boats transport their boats back to the USA via a huge cargo ship.  We were lucky to see the process of loading the boats onto the cargo ship, it was amazing to see the cranes lift the boat out of the water like it was a small plastic toy boat. It took about 3 days to load all the boats before they started on the journey to Florida.

Golfito is located at 8* North of the Equator, so it is fitting that we should visit a bar named Latitud 8.  The owner of the bar is an American, named Sally and this is seriously one of the coolest dive bars I have ever visited. I would say that it is a combination of a “Cheers” bar as everyone most certainly knows your name and the bar that Kenny Chesney sings about in his song “Bar At The End Of The World” with a tin roof and people writing their names on a dollar bill and sticking it on the wall.  Instead of writing your name on a dollar bill, you write your name on the ceiling.  Last time we were here in 2015 we wrote our name on the ceiling and it was still there this trip.  We were sad to hear that Sally’s husband, John had passed away right before our visit; we had so many fond memories of him.

Yes, that is a customized beer “sweater” for Dave.


Dave with John and Sally 2014

Cool anchor and view from the new marina being built

I am usually the one behind the camera and that is where I feel most comfortable, but Dave decided that I should have my picture taken because my clothes, hat and camera sling matched.  This is what I normally look like in Costa Rica, red faced, sweating, toting a camera and carrying a bag full of bug spray and other essentials.

Please stay tuned for the next blog of our final week in Costa Rica, I promise some gorgeous flowers and beach shots……..until then…Pura Vida



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