I am still on a natural “high” from our whale watching adventure; it was a WHALE of a trip.  3 cars, 8 women and 1 awesome chaperone headed to Ojo De Liebre Lagoon which is located in Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur, which is 5 hours south of us in San Quintin.  The morning we left it was raining pretty steadily and rained the whole way to Guerrero Negro.

We made it!

I had dreamed of seeing the whales in Baja since I had seen a TV show about them on the Discovery Channel years ago. I was so excited to learn everything I could about the whales, see them and hopefully get to actually touch one.  I don’t think that anyone slept well the night before as we were all so excited for our whale tour. We had the best boat because we only had 9 people on board and we were all friends so we could move around the boat freely and jump over seats to get the best view of the whales.  We saw some boats had 15 people on board.

This is how our boat was most of the day. We would alternate from side to side.

Grey whales make an annual migration from Alaska to various shallow and safe lagoons in Baja to give birth. They are seen in these lagoons from late December to early April. We were told that there were around 1,450 whales in Ojo de Liebre Lagoon.

Baby Grey Whale

Whale Spyhopping

Whale waving at our boat

The whales were so close that a few of us got to touch them; I am so happy to say that I was one of them. 


Our boat captain

Our boat broke down and we were rescued on sand bar.

It was purely MAGICAL and a little emotional watching these gentle giants swimming around our boat and knowing that they were just as curious about us as we were of them. A lot of times the Momma whale will push her babies up to the boat.  The Mommas were being protective when we were out because there were a lot of males in the lagoon wanting to mate. It was an incredible experience and I have made amazing memories that will last a LIFETIME.  Here is a video of our adventure. (The whale footage starts around 2:20)

When we weren’t whale watching we explored town.

Bird Aviary

Baby whale skeleton

Our game of Spoons got pretty rowdy!

Super cool murals/street art around town.  I loved all the colors and details.

We were sad to leave, but we left with amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

Since it was raining all the way down, we didn’t stop for any scenic photos, but on the way home the we had sun and the most beautiful blue skies.  We made several stops, but my favorite was in Cataviña where we hiked to the cave paintings and got to see some amazing desert landscape and cacti.

***Special thanks to Susan and Marita for getting shots of me on the boat and for contributing photos for the blog and video.  All video footage was from my GoPro Camera.

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