The weather was fantastic yesterday, the sun was out and there was almost no wind, so a drive to the beach was a no-brainer.  We finally got to see Mr. Beefy, the catamaran that was beached late last year after a storm.  I saw before pictures of this boat and it was a beauty, it was sad to see it stripped of anything salvageable.

The tide was low enough to drive all the way to the point.

The pattern in the sand were amazing.

Some kids left their dinosaurs in the sand and it was too cute not to take a picture.

After a great day soaking up some much needed sun, we saw a cool hawk on our way home on a telephone pole. I knew that if I got out of the car to take pictures he would fly away, so I improvised and had Dave get the car close so I could take the pictures up through the sunroof.  Today was one of those great days that make you happy to be alive and have a great partner to share your adventures with.


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