December brought cold weather to the Pacific side of Baja. We got back from Loreto and had to break out the comforters and quilts. I love this one that Dave’s Grandma made for him so many years ago. It reads, “Grandma Cole loves David 1976”.  Such a sweet keepsake that also helps to keep us warm.

Being in Baja is quite different from being in the States for the holidays. Very few stores carried Christmas items and there were very few decorations around town. In the town square, they did have a huge decorative tree and a Nativity mural that had the most amazingly vibrant colors.

I needed to get creative this year because we didn’t have room for a tree. Here is my Blinged-out Baja Beauty.

Even the wooden tuna got festive.

It was nice to be in Baja where there wasn’t the hustle bustle of Christmas, like the States. Besides the cooler weather, it is a pretty time of year here in Baja. The winds have died down, the skies have been bright blue and the sunsets have been downright amazing.

The sunset on Christmas Eve was jaw-dropping.


Winter Beach Day
Mision Nuestra Señora De Loreto