I have a deep love for Baja Sur, it has captivated me and stirred something deep in my soul.  If I did not have more “adventuring” to do in my life, this is where I would want to live.  Today was amazing as we got to experience Baja Sur from the ocean, aboard our friend’s boat, the Bella Dama. Being on the water has always been one of my most favorite things, and always relaxes me and takes me to another world.

We left the marina and mad a quick trip to Coronado Island, which is the closest island to Loreto. We stopped at a sea lion colony and they were making quite the racket, some brave souls were even swimming/snorkeling with them. 

We then went to the other side of the island and saw a beautiful white sand beach with beautiful green/turquoise water, the camera did not pick up on the vibrant sea color. The beach had some palapas on it, but it was crowded so we decided to keep moving.

We then headed north to San Basilio and along the way saw some amazing rock formations. 

When we arrived at San Basilio, there were 9 different secluded beaches that we could have chosen to anchor on.  There as only one other boat in the whole harbor.  We had fun swimming, relaxing, listening to XM radio and just forgetting about life for an afternoon. 

San Javier Mission