Campo life can get tiring, I feel like we have been camping since we arrived almost a year ago.  We decided to take a road trip and explore Loreto for a few weeks. We knew we could make the drive to Loreto in one long day, but we decided to break the drive up a bit and make a stop in Santa Rosalia for two nights.  We were familiar with Santa Rosalia from our travels earlier in the year. 

The Baja 1000 was in full swing on our drive down.  We were a full day behind the racers, but there were a lot of rigs with race vehicles, chase cars and support crew that were headed north while we were headed south.  The roads have not improved since our trip this summer, in fact, the pot holes were bigger and deeper.


We made it to Santa Rosalia and checked into Las Casistas Hotel, which is owned by a very nice American named Brenda.  The room was large, overlooked the ocean and had a very large balcony from which we could see the marina. 

It was nice to wake up and not need a hoodie, the sky was clear, the sun was bright and it was warm (yay)!

While in Santa Rosalia, we napped, ate yummy tacos and visited with some friends we met during the summer and saw another friend Jim play guitar and sing with his band at the Bahia Restaurant in San Lucas Cove.

After 2 nights in Santa Rosalia we made our way to Mulege, where we visited friends and their fur-babies and then made our way to Playa Santispac to see the beautiful Bahia Conception and to hear our friend play for an encore performance.

While we were enjoying the music, we talked to the co-driver and crew of the Baja 1000 winners of the Spec Race, they even boasted that they beat the Class 1 winner. 

We had the best night listening to music, making new friends and eating the best coconut shrimp and sipping on the best margaritas in Baja. We were not in a hurry to get back to our hotel room that we knew had at least 100 mosquitos waiting to attack us in our sleep.

If you are ever in San Lucas Cove, San Bruno, Punta Chivato or Bahia Conception check out Baja Beat for some fun music and all around great people.


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