We had a layback drive from Mulege to Loreto and took a little under 2 hours.  Loreto is a charming town, with a combination of old-world charm and architecture and modern hotels and restaurants.  Although there are a large number of expats, it does not feel like a huge “touristy” destination. 

When we arrived, there was all sorts of problems with getting into our rental Casita, but we have learned to roll with the punches living here in Mexico.  Soon enough, it was all worked out and we are excited to stay in this cute Casita for the next 2 weeks. 


Our neighbors from San Quintin generously hosted us for dinner on our first night and after being on the road for 4 days a home cooked meal was heavenly! 

Our second day in town was a whirlwind with going grocery shopping, getting a much-needed pedicure and then getting the grand “tour” of Loreto our friend and neighbor in San Quintin (Diane). That night we opted for a relaxing evening in the Casita and we were rewarded with a cotton candy sunset.  

Sometimes being a tourist is fun.  We walked along the Malecon and took random pictures. 

Most days were filled with beach, sun, sand, Raggae music, smiley faces and good vibes. 

Dave never complains when we are driving and I yell “STOP” so I can get a picture.  I love street art and will make him stop anytime I see any.  The colors and details of the murals always draw me in. 

It’s always a nice day to explore. Spent the day with the Jacksons and had lunch at the Clam Shack, which was a seafood restaurant on the side of the road.  After lunch, we headed to Puerto Escondido to look at some amazing boats in the harbor and hear their sail boating stories. It was a cloudy/hazy most of the day, but the sun peaked out for a few minutes.  We are enjoying every last second of our trip and am constantly wondering why time goes so quickly on vacation!

Coronado Island and San Basilio
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