Life is a journey, not a race.  Slow down.  Enjoy the view.  Relax. Take a breath, and let it happen.  After a life of go, go, go…the slowing down part has been the hardest for us.  But watching the amazing sunrises sure does help.

The sunrises in Baja Sur on the east coast are beyond amazing, in fact I gasped the first few that I saw. I had never seen anything that spectacular and no picture that I took could capture how amazing they were.  I have seen my share of amazing sunsets, but these sunrises were something special and I looked forward to watching them every morning.  Getting up early before the sun came up was my “ME” time to soak in the beauty, to meditate, to be humbled and also a time to give thanks for all that I had. This time was peaceful and quiet as the town was still asleep and the only sounds that I could hear were the waves gently hitting the shore and an occasional rooster.

Check out the video below for a quick time lapse of the morning sunrise.

Sunrise Time Lapse from Jen on Vimeo.





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