San Bruno is a small town with approximately 600 people. There are only a few little convenient stores and no restaurants.  We enjoyed the small town feel, but looked forward to weekends when San Lucas Cove, would open their restaurant for dinner and live music which was just a few miles north of San Bruno and is an RV camp with mostly Gringos.

Winner winner, lobster dinner.

Dave went fishing only a few times as the fishing was not great, the launch ramp at the marina was severely damaged from a hurricane the previous year, which made it pretty tough to launch a boat, not to mention other boaters would block the ramp with their trailers and you would have to try and launch at odd angles.  On his few trips out he was able to catch yellowtail, red snapper and halibut.  We had several tasty meals of sashimi, sushi rolls, beer battered fish and seafood omelettes.

Dave and I went out on the boat a few times to explore and check out the sea life.  The Sea of Cortez is so much calmer than the Pacific Ocean and it was so nice to not get sea sick.  It was super-hot day on the water, which is also different than what we are used to in San Quintin. The sea was brimming with aquatic life and made for a fun day even though we got skunked fishing.  We saw sea lions, birds, ducks and we even saw this super cute turtle pop up to greet us.  I am super bummed that I only had my iphone and could not get close shots of all the other sea life.

The weather was nice everyday so the outdoors called to us to explore.  Dave can always find some random road that leads to the coolest destinations.  We came upon some cool beaches with no one else in sight.  I learned that sometimes the best therapy is taking a long drive on a dirt road…and sometimes that road leads to a deserted beach.


Early Morning Beauty
Bahia Conception