Miles the cat, the wonderful, wonderful cat….

Miles is our (almost) 7-year-old tan, black and white tabby.  He has blessed our lives since he was 3 months old.  He is lovable, mischievous, vocal and very bossy.  We joke that he is part cat, part toddler and part dog.

Miles has always been an indoor cat who has longed to be an outdoor cat; his dreams have finally come true and he is adjusting quite nicely.  During the day he goes off on adventures and takes long naps on our patio or under the motorhome.  He sleeps indoors at night, even though he would prefer to be outside, but he has overprotective parents that make him come inside. On occasion we have heard a few coyotes in the distance and we don’t want to take any chances.

Miles loves to eat fresh fish, roll around in the dirt, chase after birds, catch mice and has become an expert moth and fly catcher.



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