I have a love for street food, especially tacos.  In Baja they don’t have “Taco Tuesday”, they don’t need to because every day of the week you can get awesome and cheap tacos.  Tacos are sold from stalls, small trucks, under umbrellas, on carts on the side of the road. No week is complete without at least a few trips into town for some yummy tacos.

A tortilla (usually corn) forms the base of all tacos, which can be filled with anything: every part of a pig, cow, and chicken, roasted on a vertical spit (al pastor) or cooked atop a griddle (a la plancha).  Tacos de mariscos (seafood) and pescado (fish) can also be found.  Salsas are always on offer; every stand will have at least one red and one green salsa, both are spicy, usually the green is more mild, (I have learned my lesson to always ask which is the spicier one.  I have had more than a few incidents where my mouth has been on fire). The really good stands will also stock an avocado-based salsa, one made from roasted chilies, plus a mixture of chopped onions, habaneros, cilantro, radishes and sliced limes.

Here are a few of our favorite places in town.  We have tried many tacos as “research” for this blog post and have barely skimmed the surface.  After all the “research” we have done, we try to limit ourselves to tacos only once a week as they are so addicting.

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