We were so used to go, go, go…that it’s taking time for us to adjust to slow, slow, slow.  Whether it is with each other, with frustrating Campo projects, motorhome problems, the windy season, our patience is constantly being tested.  However, we purposely left the hustle and bustle of our Orange County lives to enjoy the “relaxing” retirement lifestyle.  We are learning to slow down and smell the roses (cacti/ocean).

Living in a motorhome can be tough and most days my patience is tried, but here are some positive things that we have experienced because we do live in a motorhome versus a house.

1.  Focus on the outdoors and nature. 

We live at the head of the bay and our backyard is wet grasslands with a ton of different birds.  Dave and I have always enjoyed bird watching and observing their different calls, patterns and habits.  I enjoy photography and I have had the opportunity to “practice” taking pictures of different birds around.  We also have enjoyed small hikes where we have seen different flowering plants and cacti.  We have seen snakes, burrowing owls and even grey whales.  The sunrises and sunsets are amazing. There is no light pollution and the night skies are so clear; the stars are flat-out amazing.  Many nights we have just stood in awe of the beauty of the night sky.  Dave has been able to point out so many stars and constellations that I have never seen or been able to identify before.

2.  Catch up on all the camping that we never had time for.  

Both Dave and I camped a lot when we were younger.  With our busy schedules we never had time to get in much camping besides a week here and there of beach camping in Carpinteria.  Our camping gear had sat in the garage for years and collected dust and a few cobwebs.  We have been able to dust the cobwebs off and put our camping skills and equipment to use.

3.  Be creative with cooking. 

I love to cook and I am always up for a challenge.  Cooking on a small three burner stove and literally no counter space has made cooking interesting and creativity is a MUST. I have made many of our favorite dishes with one pot, one frying pan, a spoon, a knife and a cutting board.  I certainly do miss my fully stocked kitchen, but I have been able to make delicious meals without all of our kitchen gadgets. I am learning to cook many new dishes, and cook almost everything from scratch, including salsa and sauces. Having access to fresh meats, vegetables and fruits make cooking so rewarding and healthy.  Cooking is fun, but dishes are another story.  Dishes are hard to do in a motorhome and I am glad that I played a lot of Tetris in college, it sure has come in handy when trying to get the dishes washed and dried with no counter space.

4.  Taking a break from TV.  

Dave and I were never big TV watchers, but we did watch quite a few nature and travel shows on a weekly basis.  Watching TV can be mind-numbing and let’s be honest a time zapper.  For our mental health we have decided to take a year off TV. We now have more time to talk with our neighbors, read books, play cards/games, and meditate.

5.  Quality time together. 

With a very small living space there is not many places to spread out; luckily Dave and I enjoy each other’s company.  Because of this confined space we have been able to spend quality one on one time talking, goal setting, dreaming, laughing and creating life long memories together.  We have always been best friends, but we have been able to connect on such a higher level having so much uninterrupted quality time together.


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