The rush was now on to downsize our 1700 SF house and to get rid of everything that would not fit in a motorhome.  We knew we did not want to get a storage unit as we had heard of so many people storing  their items and paying rent on a storage unit for years and then in the end, just getting rid of what they had stored for so many years.

We looked at shiny brand new motorhomes, slightly used motorhomes, very used motorhomes and everything in between.  We decided that we would buy an older motorhome so that if we did not like the “RV Life” we could ditch it.  If we hated the motorhome we could always build a house on the lot we were renting as most of the others in the Campo had already done.

We quickly learned that one motorhome would not be enough to hold all of our “stuff”, even though we were giving away over 90% of our belongings. We decided to buy two older motorhomes to accommodate our “stuff”.  The idea of two motorhomes was that we could live in one and the other would be an office and extra storage for tools, kitchen gadgets and more closet space too.

The first motorhome we bought was listed on Craigslist.  It is a 1986 Southwind.  It looked great from the pictures on Craigslist and when we looked at it in person it looked pretty decent, despite the age and the engine ran great.  We joked that we needed this motorhome as it was built the same the same year Dave had graduated high school.  To make a long story short, the guy that sold it to us was a con-artist who intentionally concealed various flaws and makes a habit of putting “lipstick on a pig” so to speak and re-selling motorhomes that he knows have issues, but goes to great lengths to cover them up.  We have named this motorhome “Shito”.

Maybe I should go back a bit and explain.

On our first trip to San Quintin we saw a car wash in town called “Shito’s Car Wash”, Dave and I laughed and laughed like we were 12 years olds and had to take a picture to document the funny car wash name.  “Shito” became our funny saying the whole weekend.  We ran across a vicious dog that just kept barking at us and would have attacked us without the huge chain around his neck, we named that dog “Shito”, and continued to name various annoying drivers “Shito”.  So after owning the motorhome for about a week, I exclaimed that the motorhome’s name shall be “SHITO”.

The second motorhome we were more cautious as we had been burned on the purchase of Shito. We actually took a month off looking as we were so bummed about our previous purchase.  After a month we started looking again, but kept holding off on a purchase.  One Saturday, we received a text from a friend that he knew someone that was selling their motorhome and that it was a great deal.  I grumbled and groaned and Dave dragged me out the door to take a look.  We pulled up and the motorhome looked decent.  It was far from perfect, but the price was right.  This was the motorhome where we’re going to actually “live”, so I quickly made a mental note of little things that I could do to make it more “livable”.  We ended up purchasing a 33ft 1994 SeaBreeze with low miles on it.

Friends and family knew that we named the first motorhome Shito, so they all wanted to know what we had named the second motorhome.  There is no exciting story to tell on this one, we wanted something to end in an “O” to go with Shito and The Campo.  In the end, “BRUNO” it is.

Several hours researching on Pinterest, several stops to Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, JoAnne’s and with the help of my sister Lisa, we transformed the inside of Bruno.


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