We’ve done it!  We closed the doors to our business, gave away almost everything we own and have moved to Baja California, Mexico. After years of working 7 days a week, we found ourselves burnt out and we decided that spiritual, mental and physical health are more important than wealth.  Here is our quest to find all three.

Why Baja, you ask?  I know close friends and family would have guessed that we would have moved to Costa Rica, since we have traveled the country extensively.  Baja wasn’t our first choice and not tropical at all.  In fact, we were all set to move to the Caribbean, but in the end, we decided that the tropics can wait.  We opted to move to a place that is close and easy to drive to with our cat, Miles.

Detours in life may lead to discovering places we never knew we loved.  We are going to embrace this less exotic “detour” and are excited for the adventures that await us.  We’ll document our successes and learning experiences (fails) here in this blog.

First Stop - San Quintin
Bye Bye Costa Rica