We just spent a very relaxing few days in Pavones, which is a small surf town that is very “casual”, if you wear anything more than your bathing suit and flip flops you are over-dressed.  Pavones is about two hours south of Golfito and  known for having the second longest left point break (surfing term) that runs the entire length of town. Pavones does not have any ATM’s or gas stations, only has two small convenient stores (smaller than a 7-11 store), internet is hit or miss (mostly miss) and the electricity cycles off at least 2 times a day. Getting to Pavones is an adventure, the roads are dusty, very bumpy and rough and part of that adventure involves crossing several rickety and sketchy bridges.


Our time in Pavones is always relaxing, and a get-away from the hustle/bustle of the Golfito social scene.  We enjoy our time body surfing, reading and catching up on some much needed sleep.

This is a view of Zancudo and the Pacific Ocean on our way to Pavones.

We like to stay at a hotel run by an American couple called, La Ponderosa. The beach is conveniently located just across the dirt road and close enough to hear the waves crashing at night.  They have a small pool located in the front of their property where you can hear the waves crashing while looking at all the birds in the surrounding trees.

Pavones has some cool old trees with amazing root systems.  Trees have always fascinated me and I often ponder how long the trees have been there and wonder about all the things, people, events they must have “seen”.

I am usually behind the lens in photos, but Dave thought it would be cool to take a photo of me since my camera strap matched my outfit.

Every day in Pavones was peaceful and sometimes it felt like we were in another world with the sky being so blue, the clouds so brilliantly white, the magnificent greens of the trees and the breathtaking blue and turquoise water.  Here are just a few of the photos I took during our stay.

Thank you Pavones for making a great start to 2016.  Cheers to adventures to come.

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