Over the river and through the woods (jungle), to San Vito we go.  San Vito is a small mountain town that is close to Panama and was founded by Italians in 1952. We woke up this morning ready to get in the car and go exploring and get out of the heat.  San Vito was 10* cooler than Golfito.  The road to get up the mountain is very narrow and quite curvy, but we were rewarded when we got to the top, the rolling hills were beautiful.

San Vito has quite a few coffee plantations and we were able to see coffee plants and beans up close, off the side of the road.

While exploring, it started pouring rain so we decided it would be a great time to stop for lunch.  We found a local soda (small cafe), ordered a casado and waited out the storm. It stopped raining pretty soon after finishing lunch and we headed back down the mountain to try and beat the fog that usually comes in the afternoon.  Once on the road, the rain started up again and followed us all the way back down the mountain.  Dave has a keen eye for animals and especially birds.  He happened to see one fly across the road that he had never seen before and hurried to pull off the road so that he would not miss getting a look at this bird we had never seen before. The bird was too far away to get a good shot with my camera, but Dave was able to make out some key features and we were excited to get back to the room to look in our bird guide and also the internet to identify it.  We learned that the bird is called a Crested Oropendola and is it is only found in this part of the country near San Vito.  See below for a internet stock photo of the bird.  Hoping next time I see one that I will be able to capture it with my own camera.


What a Wonderful World