This has been our setting for breakfast this whole week, it has been a great way to start each morning with gorgeous views of the jungle while being able to see and hear birds singing and monkeys calling.  It is dry season in Costa Rica and it has been quite warm and humid. This morning the power went out during breakfast and you soon realize how much you rely on overhead fans and air conditioning to keep you cool.

We spent most of our time on the beach, but we did make some time for a few pool days. Besides the amazing ocean views, there are always a few iguanas walking around the pool. Beware, they love the pineapple that adorns the piña coladas.

Last night we went to El Avion restaurant, which is an old cargo airplane that they have converted into a bar and restaurant.  You can even go up into the cockpit.

Today we are leaving Manuel Antonio and making the trek down to Golfito, or as Dave likes to call it, “a dirty little port town”.  We love Golfito, it has captured our hearts and we consider it to be our “home away from home”.  

Monkeying Around