Our favorite hotel to stay in Manuel Antonio is called Costa Verde. It sits on top of a cliff where views are breathtaking and it is amazing to see where the jungle meets the ocean. It is a daily occurrence to see a wide varieties of birds, iguanas and of course monkeys.  We stay on the top floor where we have a view of the jungle and a panoramic view of the ocean. The hotel brags that there are “still more monkeys than people”.

The hotel property has two pools and different types of accommodations to suit your needs.  There are standard hotel rooms, bungalows, and even an airplane that is set up into a hotel room. We opt to stay in a part of the hotel that is for adults only.  No, this does not mean that women go topless, this means no moody pre-teens, no screaming toddlers running around or babies in diapers at the pool. I love kids, but not when I am trying to relax by the pool with a good book, jamming music and a piña colada in hand. 

The hotel has a breakfast restaurant called Anaconda.  A typical Costa Rican breakfast consists of eggs, gallo pinto (beans and rice mixture) and toast.  One of my must-haves for breakfast is what they call a “slushie”. This is a blend of pineapple, mango, banana, strawberry and other fresh fruits. It is a great way to start my morning and is a nice treat while we are in Manuel Antonio.  I have tried to get this at other places we have visited and it just doesn’t taste as good as how they make it at the Anaconda restaurant. 

After breakfast we drove down to the ocean and went swimming.  It is always so delightful to go in the water in Costa Rica as it is normally in the low 80’s and a far cry from the ocean in So CA where you have to get in the water slowly to “get used” to the temperature.  Costa Rica is known for their huge waves that are great for surfing, but not great for swimming/body surfing.  The waves were not too big today, but there was a strong rip current.  We always are very careful when we go into the water.  We respect Mother Ocean, know her power and are always cautious and we never turn our back on the waves.  After some fun water time we headed back to the hotel for a well deserved nap. After naps it was time to do some exploring.  When exploring, Dave has a keen sense of direction and always knows which roads to turn down to get us to the most awesome places.  This time was no different.  We found this road that was we 4 X 4 access only that dead-ended onto a secluded beach. We were able to drive the rental car right onto the sand and there were only a handful of people that were locals, definitely not tourists.  We will be back here for sure. 

People always ask me what my most favorite food or dish is in Costa Rica (besides a slushie).  Hands down it would have to be a dish called “pescado entero”, which is a whole fish that they deep fry.  Although it doesn’t look pretty, it is delicious  I am not a huge fish fan, but this is something I could eat every night.  As the Ticos would say, “Que Rico” (delicious)!

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